Cabra Design is an engineering and technical consultancy company offering innovative solutions for the development of products, equipment and plant: from design and simulation of valves, actuators and machinery to the supply of leak test benches, Cabra Design supports customers in all phases of analysis, design and implementation of the product.


Design of products, machinery and plants. Numerical Simulation, Structural (FEM – FEA) and Thermal, Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Dynamic Kinetic. Supply of prototype through using rapid prototyping and machining techniques. Consulting of standard and directives. Training

Leakage test solutionsLeakage test solutions

Some components and systems must be leak tested to ensure that leakages are below specified limits. Cabra Design is able to provide a custom solution for every leakage problems, using many test methods. The system provision includes the optimal hardware and software to satisfy customer needs.

Cabra Design continues the established professional experience of Cabra Engineering of which has acquired Engineering unit, company's core business. Cabra Design has a solid know-how, experience, professionalism and skills that allow it to guarantee customized solutions in several industrial sectors.

Cabra Design offers tangible added value consists of a high technology content present both in the achievement of complete solutions, from idea to executive design, and in the execution of studies and analysis aimed at optimizing a project in d...