Cabra Design proposes the provision on the market for non-destructive leak testing.

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Some components and systems must be leak tested to ensure that leakages are below specified limits. Cabra Design is able to provide a custom solution for every leakage problems, using many test methods. The system provision includes the optimal hardware and software to satisfy customer needs.

A leak can be defined as an unintended crack, hole or porosity in an enveloping wall or joint, which must contain or exclude different fluids and gases allowing the escape of closed medium.

Critical leak spots in closed systems are usually connections, gaskets, welded and brazed joints, defects in material, etc.

  • The leak test benches use various technologies, the most innovative uses of tracer gas measured in ventilated room, in vacuum room or sniffer.
  • Retrieving of the tracer mixture, up to 99.5%
  • They are useful to all companies that produce plants or containers for fluids.
  • A leak test expert reviews each application to insure our customers receive an economical solution utilizing the best technology for the application
  • Systems are integrated with our accurate standard leak test instruments and backed with proven experience driven engineering.
  • Our products are designed to provide reliability, maximum uptime, longevity, and integration into.
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