Cabra Design is able to provide leak-test benches (manual loading and unloding operations) with various detection methods, to meet the customer specification.

Fully PROVVISION of test bench:

  • choosing of the optimal test method
  • designing of specific equipment to build the interface with customer product
  • development of software for the automation and control the bench
  • bench trial

The acceptance leakage level is the main parameter to consider when selecting the appropriate method or combination of testing methods. Several other factors must be taken into account as well. In particular, system costs, complexities, environmental impact, reliability, influence of external conditions, operator dependence and user-friendless should all be considered.

  • The test bench is composed by a basic structure and a customized equipment.
  • The equipment can suit both a single product or a product family (different size).
  • eventual test-methods combination (gross and fine detection)
  • eventual helium recovery system, depending on economical considerations
Test benches